“If you thought that Leon and the Spitting Image was funny, you will keep laughing all the way through Kurzweil’s sequel. Everyone ‘chips’ in to make this a HILARIOUS story.”—The Inkslinger

“A great deal of accurate science. Quirky and likeable characters, a focus on fifth-grade preoccupations (including wedgies), and some very bad puns will further endear this story to its intended audience.”—Booklist

“The perfect invention to pay back bully Henry Lumpkin, Jr.!”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Hugely fun!”—Detroit Free Press

“This sequel to Leon and the Spitting Image offers the same laughs and preponderance of plot points involving saliva. Playful drawings throughtout, including presidential portrait chips …, add greatly to the fun. Kids will enjoy this rollicking comedy.”—B. Allison Gray, John Jermain Library

“… there’s a new science teacher at Classical School, and Mr. Sparks takes a cue from his pupils to fashion a curriculum that offers lessons in all sorts of sciences by focusing on the deep-fried, thin-sliced tubers. The kids love to learn this way, but some parents think it’s the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard of, and Leon and his friends also try to figure out a way to help Mr. Sparks keep his job

“Leon and his friends are spunky kids, and Mr. Sparks is the kind of teacher you wish you‘d had for fifth-grade science or any other class …”—The Providence Journal

Leon Zeisel