Author Visit Information

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Allen enjoys giving both formal and informal presentations at schools and libraries. Ideally, his appearances take the form of an interactive 45-minute presentation. These conversations touch on the writing process, the sources of inspiration (and perspiration), the importance of revision, and the redemptive power of the written word. His school visits are appropriate for grades 2-7, and he can speak to any size group.

Allen’s goals are simple:

  1. He wants to excite students about reading and writing.
  2. He wants to help students understand that writing can be a profoundly useful tool for working out problems.
  1. He wants students to appreciate that even dismal grade-school experiences can be turned into fun fiction.


Allen is available for full day and multiple day author visits. He can make two presentations in the morning, and two in the afternoon. For fee information please contact Allen’s assistant Alex at Payment in the form of a check should be given to Allen at the end of the event. As is standard practice, travel and hotel expenses must be reimbursed. Keep in mind, one day at your school, library, or conference often represents three days of Allen’s time, when you factor in travel.

Because the honorarium and expenses can add up, you might consider pooling resources with other schools and libraries to share the costs. Allen can do up to four presentations a day, so up to four sponsors can share the expenses equally.


If you’ve decided to invite Allen to your school or library, here’s what you should consider doing before he arrives. Give yourselves a few weeks to allow students to read some of Allen’s work. This can be done out loud by the teacher, or individually by the students. When Allen arrives at schools or libraries, he finds the better prepared the audience is, the better the event. Allen is happy to receive index cards containing questions from the students. Please include the student’s name and grade. Allen can generally get through 25 questions in an hour-long presentation. There is no need to send the questions in advance. Allen is pretty quick on his feet.

Leon Zeisel